NovSvin is a closed-cycle pig complex. The main advantages of the Company are the cultivation of pigs of Danish genetics, according to Danish technologies, with the use of high-quality feed supply, compiled on an individual recipe. This technology allows to achieve high quality products.

Date of foundation of the Company

Danish investors, with accumulated 100% foreign capital, opened a company in the Novgorod region. The Danish leased the site of the former state farm of JSC Ermolinskoye, where the cattle farm was previously located, and started buying out agricultural land in the village of Ermolino.

The production capacity of the pig-breeding complex was 63,500 slaughter pigs and and 2500 sows.

Establishment of the main herd

In December 2015, the first 430 pigs were delivered to the farm in Ermolino.

First insemination

The first insemination for the planned first stage of work on the breeding of 600 sows was started on February 22, 2006. From August 1, 2006, the main herd was increased to 1,200 sows.

The company works with three breeds of pigs - Landrace, Duroc, Yorkshire.

Opening of the slaughterhouse

In January 2009, a slaughterhouse began operating on the territory of the complex, where pigs of up to 230 heads per day are currently being slaughtered. Products are sold in alive weight and in half carcasses.

Completion of the complex reconstruction

All the stables of the complex were equipped with Agro Products A / S equipment, Skov A / S ventilation system, as well as Spiraflex A / S heating system, which minimized the heavy manual labor of people and made the work more efficient.

Purchase of agricultural land

NovSvin has acquired ownership of 800 hectares of agricultural land in the Novgorod region. For today the land bank of the Company amounted to 3,500 hectares.

Obtaining the status of a breeding farm

NovSvin received the status of a breeding farm by breeds Landrace and Yorkshire. The assignment of the status of a breeding farm indicates a high level of breeding work in our economy. This is a guarantee of economic stability and a signal to potential buyers of breeding products about the high quality characteristics of our animals. At the moment selection work is being carried out with the help of internal specialists at the farm.

Construction of feed mill

The production capacity of the feed mill is 25,000 tons per year. We use the most modern technologies and equipment of the Danish company Skiold. Now the company independently and 100% meets its need for high-quality feed, the recipe of which is selected for animals individually.

Construction of grain storage

NovSvin built eight granaries with a total capacity of 11,200 tons.

Construction of a grain drying complex

The company acquired the Vesta Grain Drying Complex, with a capacity of 50 t/hour.


Currently, the campaign staff is 140 people.

The complex simultaneously contains:

  • 2,800 sows
  • 7-8 thousand suckling piglets
  • 800 heads of young stock
  • 20 boars
  • 14,000 piglets in weaner section (30 kg)
  • The farm grows 95,000 piglets up to 30 kg per year

NovSvin owns 3,500 hectares of agricultural land in the Novgorod region, which 1,800 hectares are under rotation.