Crop production

An important activity of NovSvin is plant growing. We independently grow crops for the production of high quality feed: wheat (as the basis of food supply), barley, rapeseed crops, oats, winter rye.


The company owns 3,500 hectares of agricultural land in the Novgorod region.

At the moment we are processing 2000 hectares.

For processing the fields and harvesting, we use 6 own tractors and additional equipment of foreign production, namely:

  • disk harrow, cultivator, seeder, firms Horsch
  • AMAZONE cultivator
  • AMAZONE field sprayer
  • New Holand combine, two Acros combines
  • For making pig manure we use Agrometer A/S equipment
  • AMAZONE spreader is used for mineral fertilizers.
  • Work in our crop production department provides 10 specialists.
  • We strictly follow the order of crop rotation to prevent depletion of the soil and ensure greater yields.
  • Manure we choose as an organic fertilizer to restore the land balance.