Pig production

NOVSVIN uses exclusively Danish genetics, which is constantly supported by the import of semen from Denmark. We grow a three-breed hybrid, in which 25% of the mother breeds Landrace and Yorkshire and 50% of the parent breed is Duroc. The main advantages of such hybrids are the best meat quality, as we have seen for sure over the years of positive experience.


  • Implementation of European standards to underfloor heating, ventilation, automated microclimate and manure removal systems.
  • Environmentally friendly construction and production.
  • Compliance with Danish and EU legal requirements for animal welfare and drug restrictions.
  • Comparison our results with performance indicators in Denmark and EU countries.
  • Compliance the highest standards of biological safety.
  • Entrance to the room with animals is possible only after passing the shower and a complete change of clothes. Any transport entering the farm is thoroughly disinfected.
  • Independent harvesting of grain for the manufacture of their own feed. Careful calculation of proportions and norms in animal diets.
  • Monthly feed testing for toxins, protein and mineral levels.
  • Prohibition of use growth stimulants.


  • 2,800 sows
  • 7-8 thousand suckling piglets
  • 800 heads of young stock
  • 20 boars
  • 14,000 pigs in weaners section (up to 30 kg)
  • annually farm grows 95,000 pigs up to 30 kg

  • We carefully control the process of feed production and ensure their high quality.
  • We have our own complex for the storage of grain and feed mill, producing 25,000 tons of feed per year.