Social responsibility

Social responsibility of commercial enterprises in modern society is one of the indicators of the company’s success in the market. Eco-friendly production is the ability to create an atmosphere of loyalty to the enterprise within the corporation and in the local society, where production is localized, is the key to long-term productive work and the prestige of labor in such production.

Environmentally friendly production at every stage

The loyalty of the local community to working in the region of an enterprise consists largely of how safe its activity is for the environment, and specifically for the locality in which the enterprise is located.

For NovSvin this issue is of primary and actual. The company is equipped with the latest equipment, which makes it possible to control and carry out cleaning of emissions into the environment at each stage of production. NovSvin is equipped with modern machines that help to ensure environmentally safe production will continue with the development of technology.

In addition, at each stage, raw materials and consumables: packaging, packaging for used raw materials, are taken away and surrendered for processing. NovSvin does not pollute the environment with non-degradable plastic. Work in this direction never stops.

The company monitors literate moderate consumption of water and electricity.

A strong friendly team - a base of responsible attitude to work

NovSvin is proud of the fact that specialists for work in production are among the local urban and village population. One of the features of the emerging team is nepotism and communality. People who come to production, seeing good working conditions, tend to bring their loved ones here: relatives, spouses, children and friends. Such a collegial circle creates in the team a sense of close ties and responsibility of everyone for the quality of the products produced. Naturally, the employee wants to be in a team, where he is met daily with support and positive attention.

New employees who get into production get the opportunity to learn from experienced specialists and see the willingness of the closest professional environment to help in situations where the beginner still lacks work experience.

Training new highly qualified staff

NovSvin is interested in attracting qualified, hardworking, energetic and positive employees to the company. The company is pleased to provide places for practical training in production for students of the local agrotechnical college, graduates of the agricultural institute of the Novgorod State University.

At the enterprise there are places for those who want to become a veterinarian, a tractor driver, a machine operator. They will be provided by the supervision of experienced and effective specialists of the enterprise. The best students can get a job in the company by entering a new professional and financial start.

Employee Social Security

NovSvin cares for its employees tirelessly. The fact that for other private enterprises is an unattainable ideal of the relationship between management and employees, in our company it is a daily reality.

Employees receive full medical insurance, mobile phone compensation, free meals on the farm, and reimbursement for the costs of the fuel if the employee uses a private car for official purposes.

Charity is a voluntary choice

NovSvin actively participates in the local community of the Ermolino village, provides financial assistance to the Ermolino rural settlement and the Novgorod district as a whole. The company allocates funds for the repair of schools, kindergartens, participates in the construction of new sports grounds.

The company annually participates in a big regional charity event, such as the “Christmas Gift”. Several large families living in Ermolino are under the care of NovSvin. In addition, the company always provides by own meat products for local holidays.

NovSvin cares about its employees and wants that every working day in the company will be to be effective and joyful.